Could Lack Of Sleep Be Getting In The Way Of Your Diabetes Management

A new study from the University of Chicago found a link between sleep deprivation and excess snacking. According to the study, poor sleep is linked to weight gain because tired people like to eat 'highly palatable, rewarding snacks.'

The Study

Dr. Erin Hanlon found that when sleep is restricted, activity in the endocannabinoid system of the brain is increased. This part of the brain increases the enjoyment we get out of eating food.

According to Hanlon, solve your sleep problem, and you might be able to solve your problem with weight gain and unmanaged diabetes.

What It Means

What Hanlon has found is a vicious cycle: lack of sleep encourages more snacking, more snacking leads to weight gain and higher A1C levels. Weight gain and unmanaged blood sugar also lead to the kind of stress and frustration that can exacerbate sleep deprivation problems.

According to Hanlon, try to take care of your sleep cycle, and the rest may take care of itself. And if you do find yourself waking up and wandering the kitchen for a midnight snack, grab a carrot stick instead of a cupcake.

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