Raising a Diabetic Child

Diabetes is a problem more and more parents are facing, as more children than ever are being diagnosed with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. While it may be tempting to just start homeschooling and lock your kids up until they’re 21, you don’t have to go through such extremes. You can help your child navigate all the diabetes pitfalls that exist.

First, educate yourself. If you’re armed with information, you’re better equipped to provide guidance to your child. Raid your library’s section on nutrition, diabetes, talk to a nutritionist and take diabetes classes.

It’s never too early to begin discussing good nutrition with your children. Even with toddlers, you can make a game out of how many grapes to count out for one serving, or up to what line you fill a cup of juice.

Keep temptations at bay— your child isn’t going to understand why parents and siblings have full access to the fridge and pantry, full of chips and sweets, while he gets only a little shelf of bland things to himself.

Everyone in the house should set a good example of eating healthy on a regular basis.

Pack snacks for your kids so when they go to a park or a friend’s house, they don’t have to feel bad if there’s nothing healthy there for them.

Teach your kids how to give themselves injections and take medications with your guidance as soon as they’re safely able to learn. The better your child is at caring for himself, the safer he’ll be.

Photo: Bethy Doll