Modern Technology Help Parents Monitor Diabetic Kids

Welcome to the space age, where everything is digital and automated. For some people, it's convenient. For others, it could be life-saving. Just ask any parent who has a diabetic child.

Juvenile Diabetes

Usually called Type 1 diabetes, juvenile diabetes can be a scary diagnosis-- especially for young children. Sure, the disease can be monitored and treated, but it requires constant vigilance and effort.

It's especially worrisome for a young child who doesn't understand how to count carbs, what the consequences of blood sugar fluctuations may be, or who might not know what to do if he doesn't feel well when his parents aren't around.

People with Type 1 diabetic kids in the past tended to sleep lightly-- they were always too busy portioning off meals, calculating insulin doses or jumping up round the clock to test blood sugar levels.

Nightscout to the Rescue

A new item out on the market, called Nightscout, can put a lot of parents' minds at ease. The program runs with an internet connection. The child wears a watch-like device. With continuous glucose monitoring, the watch display shows constant, real-time blood sugar read-outs.

If the blood sugar levels get too high or too low, an alarm will go off to let the child know they need a dose of insulin, or perhaps a sip of juice to level things off.

Enjoy the benefits of a high tech life, parents. Get some sleep.

Photo: Health Line